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Dining In at The Shop

In-house private dining for gatherings (up to 30) for businesses, parties, and special events.

Host your next business meeting, birthday party, gathering of any sort in Uptown Olds at our RC Eats shop location!

We offer this space for you and your guests (up to 30) equipped with a bar for serving, washrooms, and a pleasant and warm space to dine in!


Our rental packages are customizable to where we can provide an entire meal chosen by you from our menus, or we can simply supply the coffee and tea while you can bring your own selection of food.

Prices defer based on amount of guests, availability, and your specific desires.

Fill out our request form on the bottom to see what it could look like for you!

Request a Quote for Dining In

Tell us more about what you want and how we can help you make it amazing!

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